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SMC’s latest main line filter features high filtration and water removal capabilities

SMC has launched a new stainless steel main line filter with 1 µm nominal filtration rating. The AFF#D Series can remove water droplets without the need for an additional water separator, creating greater efficiencies and space savings.

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has delivered improvements to its AFF main line filter series by creating a new model.

The new AFF#D features a perforated end cap that eliminates the accumulation of drain water, taking away the need for SMC’s AMG water separator, and improving water droplet removal efficiency by 99 per cent. The updated design also reduces the amount of piping work required, leading to both labour and space savings.

Further efficiencies have been achieved with an increased air flow capacity of 14.5 m³/min (ANR) and by increasing total air capacity by 20 per cent, due to a 50 per cent reduction in pressure drop.

An additional intermediate model, AFF80D, has also been added to the series with a flow capacity of 11 m³/min, which is equivalent to 55 kW compressors.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “We are always looking at ways to improve our product range and build in efficiencies and deliver cost savings for our customers. The AFF#D delivers on every front and takes our popular AFF series to a new level, thanks to its enhanced design features and extended product range.”

The AFF#D delivers additional benefits to operators as it features a lightweight stainless steel bowl, speeding up installation and element replacement, which simplifies the maintenance process.

1 Σεπ 2017