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SMC’s new soft start-up valve cuts energy consumption

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has updated its AV directional control valve that consumes as little as 0.35W and is suitable for continuous energising.

That AV-A also features a new interior design that increases the flow rate capacity up to 2.2 times.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The AV-A is a welcome addition to the SMC valve portfolio that offers our customers a cost-effective solution thanks to the new flow rate. We have also delivered a smaller valve that holds the capacity of a larger one.”

The AV-A has a modular connection for connecting to the FRL, as well as a built-in silencer and both come in urban white. An IP65 enclosure guarantees suitability for wet and dusty environments and precise control is guaranteed thanks to greater linearity between the needle rotations and the air flow.

1 Σεπ 2017