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SMC rolls out its most compact cylinder featuring a linear guide

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has launched a compact cylinder with an integrated linear guide. The innovative MXZ Series benefits from using the design of a compact cylinder, coupled with a linear guide that delivers market leading accuracy and linearity.

SMC’s new MXZ compact cylinder is a unique solution that integrates a guide and is specified to work as a stopper, positioner, clamper and lifter.

Measuring from just 44 mm in height, the MXZ is extremely versatile and is suitable for the transfer of lightweight workpieces in any application where a short and precise stroke cylinder is required and where space is at a premium. It offers high resistance against lateral loads, saving costs on the need for mounting an external guide.

It also delivers optimum performance as the guide provides high precision of 0.02 mm in the movement when measured without a load and the rod is extended.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The MXZ Series offers a real breakthrough in terms of compact design, precision and functionality. At SMC we are always working with our customers to deliver components that help them find solutions to meet the growing pressure on space and improved efficiencies. The MXZ achieves that and more.”

The MXZ also helps reduce overall labour costs as round type auto switches can be mounted directly and the fact they do not protrude beyond the body of the cylinder helps minimise the risk of interference with other machine parts. The auto switches are also mountable on three surfaces, together with the option of two mounting styles, offering further versatility.

1 Σεπ 2017