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New SMC valve offers higher performance and control in food plants

New SMC valve offers higher performance and control in food plants

The new JSY5000-H valve manifold from SMC is purpose-designed for use in food and beverage manufacturing plants, as well as breweries. Featuring a clean design to cope with regular wash-downs, the IP69K-compliant valve differentiates itself in the marketplace with its high flow rate, low power consumption and IO-Link point-to-point communication capability, bringing a new level of control to production.

There are numerous prerequisites when it comes to adopting automation components such as pneumatic valves in equipment for food, beverage and brewery facilities. An IP69K protection rating, FDA-compliant external materials, NSF-H1 food-grade grease and a clean surface design to avoid the accumulation of solvents and wash liquids, are just a few. However, modern food and drink plants also have to meet many performance demands in order to stand-out in a globally competitive marketplace. By way of example, a valve with a large flow rate will increase the number of cycles, while low power consumption will drive down energy bills.

Wide application range

All types of machines and systems are set to benefit from the five-port SMC JSY5000-H, including those forming part of production, filling and packaging lines. The JSY5000-H not only offers power consumption as low as 0.1 W (thanks to a power-saving circuit) but a large flow rate of 1600 l/min – all from a lightweight and compact dimensional envelope. This capability contrasts with many existing high flow rate valves that require lots of power and space, both of which are pain points for food, beverage and brewery facilities.

Another issue is communications. Many food, beverage and brewery facilities still rely on electrically complex solutions with excessive wiring that deliver insufficient data to improve the application’s control and performance level. Again, the new SMC JSY5000-H confines this issue to the history books by offering IO-Link point-to-point communication, driving savings through reduced installation and set-up time, along with less wiring, connectors and auxiliary equipment. Most notably, however, IO-Link communication allows access to all numerical values in the valve, as well as the remote control of industrial networks (users can adjust and check parameters from anywhere). In turn, plants enjoy better control of the application, more valuable data and on-board product diagnostics.

Ready to use

This cost-effective ready-to-use manifold, which is also available as a single valve, is entirely safe for use in manufacturing equipment at food, beverage and brewery facilities, including where splash zones are present. All of the valve’s metal parts are made from 316 stainless steel, thus delivering anti-corrosion performance.

Any plants with valves installed far from their equipment or even inside cabinets are likely suffering from more difficult maintenance, poor equipment control and greater expenditure on air lines. However, with the SMC JSY5000-H it is possible to eliminate all of these issues. This advanced new valve manifold can function up close to food and drink processing activities, helping to push performance and control to new levels.

21 Ιαν 2022