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Guided cylinder selection

We help you with the cylinder calculations required for your application

If you want to:

  • Calculate moments and kinetic energy.
  • Know load ratios and capacities.
  • Get piston speed.
  • And in general ensure that a given SMC guided cylinder is the ideal choice for your specific application requirements.

This is the software you need.

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*Software technical details: Guided Cylinder Selector v.3.1.29 (25MB).

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  • Series Included

  • How to proceed

  • System requirements

Series Included

CQM: Compact Cylinder, Guide Rod Type
CX2N: Slide Unit
CXS: Dual-Rod Cylinder
CXT: Platform Guide Rod Cylinder
CXW: Dual Piston, Double Rod with Slide Unit
CY: Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder
MGC: Compact guide cylinder
MGG: Standard External Guided Cylinder
MGJ: Miniature Guide Rod Cylinder
MGP: Compact guide cylinder
MTS: Precision Cylinder
MXF: Low Profile Precision Slide Table
MXH: Compact Slide Table
MXJ: High Precision Slide Table
MXP: High Precision Slide Table
MXQ: Air Slide Table
MXS: Air Slide Table
MXW: Long Stroke Precision Slide Table - Mechanically Coupled
MXY: Long Stroke Precision Slide Table - Magnetically Coupled
MY: Mechanical Joint Rodless Cylinder

How to proceed

  1. The sizing and calculation results obtained from this Software can differ from those obtained using actual equipment.
  2. When using any equipment contained in this Software, please read the "Safety Instructions", "Precautions", "Specific Product Precautions" and "Specifications" described in the manual for the equipment.
  3. This Software and the equipment contained in it are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. SMC does not warrant the quality of this Software, including the accuracy of any sizing and calculation results obtained from this Software.
  5. SMC is not responsible for any damage incurred in the use of this Software.
  6. The copyright and any other rights of this Software are owned by SMC, and protected by Japanese copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

System requirements

The following system requirements are recommended:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32bits/64bits)
  • Internet Explorer 7.01 or later versions