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ZL3/ZL6, Multi-stage Generator

ZL3/ZL6, Multi-stage Generator
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  • Nozzle diameter: Ø1.5 or Ø1.9 mm.
  • Double port branch specification selectable.
  • Maximum suction flow rate: 300 l/min(ZL3); 600 l/min(ZL6) (ANR).
  • Air consumption: 135 or 150 l/min(ZL3); 270 or 300 l/min(ZL6) (ANR).
  • Basic model weight: 390 g(ZL3); 470 g(ZL6).
  • Exhaust specifications: built-in silencer (standard), port exhaust.
  • Vacuum pressure sensor options: digital vacuum pressure switch, vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum adapter.
  • Standard supply pressure: 0.35 or 0.5 MPa.

Max. Suction Flow Rate
Supply Pressure
Vacuum (2/V) Port Size/Supply (1/P) Port Tubing O.D
Exhaust Method
Supply Valve/Release Valve Combination
Rated voltage
Electrical Entry
Light/Surge Voltage Supprressor
Manual Override
Vacuum Pressure Sensor
Lead Wire

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