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In recent years we've seen an increase in natural disasters such as heavy rains, large earthquakes, and the spread of infectious diseases.

These have gravely threatened our lives, our livelihoods, and our property.

In these states of emergencies, many of our customers have found themselves working to maintain and recover their economic activities by switching their production to medical supplies and other daily necessities.

SMC is able to promptly provide products that meet the needs of our customers anywhere in the world as a comprehensive manufacturer of automatic control equipment that supports automation.

We are committed to ensuring that SMC is prepared for any emergency and that our business activities will not stop in the event of such an emergency.

This includes maintaining a system that can quickly resume operations in the event of an unavoidable termination.

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As a comprehensive manufacturer of automatic control equipment, SMC aims to fulfill our product supply responsibilities and maintain the trust of our customers by contributing to both sustainable growth and the expansion of technological innovations