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SMC Launches New 2/3 Port Media Separated Valve

SMC’s new 2/3 Port media separated LVMK20/200 valve series has been designed to prevent armature sticking and corrosion that in the past has led to equipment or valve failure. By preventing fluid from entering the solenoid assembly, it remains pollution free from oil, metal and dust particles, improving overall performance and reliability.

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, is helping manufacturers improve performance and drive down component costs with the launch of a new port media separated valve.

The LVMK20/200 series has been designed with a media separation structure that helps to minimise equipment deterioration and potential failure by preventing fluid from entering the solenoid assembly. This ensures the fluid remains pollution free from oil, metal and dust, making it ideal for sensitive applications such as water purification and blood and atmospheric pollution analysers.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The LVMK20/200 is the latest to join our extensive range of valves. It has been designed to help our customers operate efficiently and effectively and reduce equipment replacement overheads. Initial feedback has been extremely positive and we are confident that it will prove popular.”

There are two models to choose from, either a base mounted or body ported option, offering customers flexibility in terms of use. The body ported model features an integrated barb fitting, allowing for easy piping which delivers labour savings.

Both designs are easy to clean, as there is very little dead space, reducing cleaning costs and there is no need to adjust flow rates with the 3 port valve, keeping leakage rates to a minimum.

1 Μαρ 2017