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ZK2, Vacuum Unit, Ejector System with Valve | SMC Europe

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ZK2, Vacuum Unit, Ejector System with Valve

ZK2, Vacuum Unit, Ejector System with Valve
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  • This product is being discontinued and will be replaced by ZK2-A series. Update details here.
  • Ejector System (with Valve).
  • More efficient 2-stage ejector.
  • Dual 2 port valve (Release valve/Supply valve).
  • All in one design with integrated components.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Mounting variations.
  • Pressure sensor / switches variations.
Body Type
Nominal Nozzle Size
Supply Valve / Release Valve
Rated Voltage
Pressure Sensor/Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum Spec.
Supply Valve/
Release Valve/
Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum Connector Spec.
Vacuum (V) Port
Individual Release Pressure Supply
Vacuum Break Flow Adjustment
Manifold Individual Supply
Manifold Common Release Pressure Supply
Exhaust Interference Prevention Valve

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