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Food industry

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The food industry is highly influenced by strict legal regulations. At the end of day, we all need guarantees on the food we consume. Therefore, these norms are a major issue for us when developing specific solutions for this industry. Not only in terms of materials that guarantee non-toxic final consumer products, but also in terms of the hygienic design, corrosion resistant of the materials to be used in the cleaning areas.

Solutions that go, on and on and on... as your process does

We have solutions ready to fulfil the challenging requirements of continuous 24/7 operation. The gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Long-life components to keep up with non-stop production processes, taking care of a good maintenance.

Our team of experts, distributed amongst 83 countries, boast the specific expertise to support all the above daily challenges with either standard or customised solutions that are supported by our five technical centres, two of them located in Europe.

Find out SMC’s solutions for food safety and compliance

Explore SMC's comprehensive solutions tailored for ensuring food safety and compliance, providing peace of mind and reliability for your food processing operations.

Diego Mirabelli – Industry Manager Food, Europe

Between 2020 and 2027, the food processing market is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.04% according to Verified Market Search. The industry will have to increase its productivity while simultaneously dealing with a lack of workers and cost pressure.

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  • Clean design

  • Maintenance operation (OEE)

  • Energy-efficient components

  • Others

Clean design

Wet areas require elements which ensure durability and a clean design to wash them down easily. Furthermore, hygienic requirements, and food safety itself, demand them to offer high corrosion resistance to environmental agents such as moisture, dirt, chemicals from the actual food.

Maintenance operation (OEE)

In order to minimise, or avoid, maintenance and repair costs, as well as production losses due to downtimes, a high level of system availability is essential. Therefore, we can offer components and solutions that you can rely on at any time, even at high clock frequencies and in continuous operation.

Energy-efficient components

One of the cornerstones within energy efficiency is, indeed, the “Use efficiently designed components.”

Our R&D engineers have developed a range of solutions that offer the same performance, but involves a smart design that translates both into efficiency and lower bills.



In the food industry it is essential to fulfill strict regulations that govern daily food production.

Please find below a selection of our highlighted solutions for the food industry for use in general terms. From FDA-compliant components, to elements that will ensure good air quality in your facility.

Discover our Equipment for the Food Manufacturing Industry

Find out wich products can help you improve your productivity and achieve utstanding efficiency with our specificaly designed for food manufacturing industries:

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We are aware of the heterogeneity between the different processes within your industry. Please see our specific answers for them below.