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AS-R & AS-Q Series

Simply Save

Do your actuators have a return stroke with no load? What if that fact could reduce your costs?

AS-R Series has been precisely designed for that; by fixing the return stroke pressure to a set value, it provides up to 30% reduction in the air consumption. On the other hand, AS-Q Series guarantees you faster pressure charge.

In essence, both Speed Controllers have been devised to control the speed of your actuators in an energy efficient way.

With SMC's Air Saving Speed Controllers you will:

  • Save on your air consumption - Reduce the pressure on the return stroke (set at 0.2 MPa)
  • Operate it easily - Just adjust the cylinder speed to your requirements
  • Keep up your productivity - No delay in the response time.


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AS-R & AS-Q related information

See for yourself how with AS-R & AS-Q you´ll "Simply Save"

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