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Air Treatment

Quality compressed air for efficient pneumatics

For engineers, compressed air is such an important resource that it is often cited as the fourth utility in industry – after electricity, water and gas. Studies estimate that ten per cent of all industrial energy is used just to compress air.

By following along, you can be confident in designing and building an air purification system that exactly matches the needs of the task at hand with no frills.

If you are willing to design the most suitable air treatment system for your process, then our air treatment guide is the best tool for you.

Vit Reichelt | Application field engineer | SMC Czech republic

“Whether you use compressed air for standard applications, or as a process medium, it must always be adapted to the purpose. Thus, it is possible to achieve, or exceed, the declared service life of pneumatic components, which can save considerably on maintenance costs, directly and indirectly reduce the company's carbon footprint. ”

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What you should know about air preparation

 By Mark Brinsley, Sales Engineering Group; Air and Fluid Equipment, SMC UK

Even though almost all factories have air preparation systems to protect their pneumatic equipment, the subject is still not so well known, and it hides some interesting aspects and optimization. One of the key questions is how prepared should my compressed air be? There is not one simple answer to this question, because compressed air quality depends on a myriad of variables, such as the air quality coming in (from the compressor), the air quality requirements in the end-of-line applications, the process or industry requirements or even the position of the filtration units. With all these uncertainties, SMC, an Expert in air treatment, will be able to support you.

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SMC´s FRL Unit: with you since 1961

 By Sean Mackenzie, Engineer, Air Equipment, SMC European Technical Centre

SMC was established in 1959 to manufacture and sell Sintered Metal Filter Elements. The FRL unit was first launched by SMC in 1961. 60 years of design evolution based on our customers’ requirements.

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Shedding light on the dew point

 By Axel Delsaux, Product Marketing, SMC France

Dew point can be an overwhelming term, but put simply, it is the temperature at which water becomes visible. The water droplets that you can see in your cold drink derive from the dew point.

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Release the pressure  

 By Andy Still, Industry Projects Manager, Energy, Europe

APRIL 2021
The subject is more than serious. Pneumatic equipment accounts for about 20% of all factory power consumption and there is a proven way to improve energy efficiency: reduce the operating pressure. SMC explains how companies can achieve this objective and thus fall in line with manufacturing’s most important current trend.

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