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Electrical automation solutions

Motion in your power

In today's industrial landscape, electric drive technology plays a crucial role in many manufacturing and logistics processes. In recognition of this, SMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly adaptable electric drive components, perfect for various motions and applications. Whether it's linear motion, rotating, gripping, or stopping, our electric actuators and drives fulfil all your requirements with precision and versatility.

Picture a world where every move is enhanced by electrical solutions.

Are you curious about a custom electric solution tailored just for you?
SMC's state-of-the-art electric actuators are synonymous for flexibility – they don’t just operate, but also transform to meet your specific needs. Take advantage of the adaptability of our electrical solutions that put you in control and where the system adjusts to your specific instructions.

Advantages of SMC’s electric drive technology
Our range of electric solutions features battery-less actuators with absolute encoders, eliminating the need for regular maintenance and ensuring continuous precision operation. Our motorless actuators boast a streamlined, efficient design - perfect for situations where space and energy savings are crucial. Paired with STO-enabled controllers for an extra layer of safety, our solutions go beyond adaptability – they are smartly engineered for the future.

The broad array of mechanics and controllers, coupled with their unrivalled flexibility, allows us to confidently proclaim that SMC’s electric actuator solutions offer you many advantages:

  • Perform any movement, anywhere, in any way you want – A world of motion at your disposal
  • Control it as suits you best – Digital I/Os, IO-Link, and communication protocols such as PROFINET, EtherCAT®, and EtherNet/IP™
  • Make the safety of your machine better – Safe Torque Off sub-function with SIL 3, SIL CL and PL e certifications
  • Smart up your factory – SMC electric solutions are Industry 4.0-friendly.

Step into the future of motion control with SMC, where your power to move is limitless.

See for yourself how SMC puts "Motion in your power"

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Perform any movement, anywhere, in any way you want



Control it as suits you best