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RoHS Directive

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Identification of RoHS compliant products

RoHS compliant products are indicated by the symbol [G] on the product and packaging labels.





Exempted applications/materials of SMC products:

  • Electrical and electronic components containing lead in glass or ceramic parts
  • Lead as an alloying element in steel for machining purposes
  • Copper alloy
  • Lead as an alloying element in aluminium
  • Lead in high melting point solder
  • Lead in the bearing shells and bushes for compressors containing refrigerant that are used in (HVACR) applications
  • Cadmium and its compounds in electrical contacts.

At SMC we are committed to Green Procurement

SMC recognises that the conservation of the earth's environment is one of the most important challenges facing the human race and that our contribution is to develop and supply environmentally-friendly products.

This commitment is translated into the following seven principles:

  • Reduction of environmentally-harmful components
  • Reduction of noise, vibration and odour
  • Focus on energy-efficiency products
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Considerate transportation and packaging
  • Considerate disposal
  • Disclosure of information about green activities.

The above shows our interpretation based on legal regulations as of August 2017.
Customers purchasing SMC products for use in RoHS-compliant equipment should study the Directive to understand their legal obligations.