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The food industry is highly governed with strict legal regulations and comprehensive guidelines. Hygiene rules must be adhered to and toxic free food processing and packaging must be guaranteed. Our range of components developed for this industry sector have been designed to meet these challenges. Often using corrosion resistant materials that can withstand harsh clean down regimes we have developed a range of solutions specifically for our global food processing and packaging customers

Solutions that go, on and on and on…as your process does

Besides the compliance to related food regulations, we also have solutions ready to fulfil the challenging requirements of continuous 24/7 operation. Our components have been designed and developed to give you long life-cycle performance even on non-stop production processes.

With specialist SMC food industry experts located in 83 countries we can help support you around the world. Also, if our standard solutions don’t meet your needs, thanks to our 5 Technical Centres (two of which are in Europe) we can design and develop customised solution – just for you!

Our specific answers to your specific questions

The Food industry is huge with numerous sub-industries using various production methods and processes. Scroll down and see some of the solutions we have developed for the snack, beer, cheese and beverage sectors. If you’re looking for something else please contact our local expert to discuss your specific requirements.

Food industry experts work hand-on-hand with our energy-efficient teams as non-stop production benefits greatly from the introduction of the cornerstones of energy efficiency in their plants.

Partnerships we feel proud of

SMC has formed global partnerships with many of the leading food industry companies around the world. We are also active members of numerous food industry related trade associations. For example: Rockwell Encompass Partnership, EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) and we are also Member of Ucima (Unionecostrutore machine utensile Italy).

 In the UK we are also members of the PPMA (Processing & Packaging Machinery Association)  and FDF (Food & Drink Federation).

View our on-line catalogue

Visit our online product catalogue and discover our specific solutions for your industry.

“Millennials are a growing force in the food industry, especially for manufacturers who provide packaging solutions for meals, drinks or snacks.
SMC is familiar with the strict regulations that govern the daily food production, together with the increased demand for high-speed manufacturing while not forgetting the necessity of respecting sustainability and addressing energy costs”.

Diego Mirabelli | European Industry Manager Food

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Cleaning and disinfection are key parts in the production of high-quality products. Hygienic production involves various parts in the production process such as pipes, tanks or machines. 

At the end of each production cycle all elements must be fully cleaned to remove and residues and microbial flora to ensure that everything is clean and disinfected before starting the next production cycle.

Wet areas

Wet areas require elements which ensure durability and a clean design to wash them down easily. Furthermore, hygienic requirements, and food safety itself, demand them to offer high corrosion resistance to environmental agents such as moisture, dirt, chemicals from the actual food.

Below, please find a selection of our highlighted solutions for wet areas including clean-design cylinders, IP69K-rated, easy-to-clean valve terminals, and our range of non-corrosive components.

PET blowing applications

The flexible and rapid adaptation of your equipment to different bottle sizes and shapes, as well as ensuring the high quality of the bottles produced, are important issues for PET blow moulding applications where we support you with our product range.

Individually designed and standard products for applications up to 50 bar, mufflers and electro-pneumatic regulators enable the production of high-quality PET bottles at high speed.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

In order to minimise, or avoid, maintenance and repair costs, as well as production losses due to downtimes, a high level of system availability is essential. Therefore, we can offer components and solutions that you can rely on at any time, even at high clock frequencies and in continuous operation.

Steel sealing valves with 200 million switching cycles or cylinders with special wipers reduce your maintenance work and increase the plant availability. Ionizers to avoid electrostatic charges ensure a continuous production process.

Energy-efficient components

One of the cornerstones within energy efficiency is, indeed, the “Use efficiently designed components.”

Our R&D engineers have developed a range of solutions that offer the same performance, but involves a smart design that translates both into efficiency and lower bills.

Experts in your industry

Check out some our food industry solution below.