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SMC’s solutions for robotics

Your right arm

With the rise of industry 4.0 and digital transformation, robots and humans now collaborate more than before. Industrial robots now have the capability of operating production plants which has provided humans with the option to remotely access their manufacturing processes. This has provided factory and business owners with the opportunity to place emphasis on their strategic planning supported by informed data.

Based on the understanding of our relationships with our customers, we can use our expertise to provide tailored automation solutions via a vast product range supported by a global supply chain.

SMC UK and our European Technical Centres are ready to help you with your automation challenges.

Are you keen on a technical approach to Robotics?

Download SMC’s Expert Report and discover more in-depth how the current challenges are taking industrial robots to the next level. Learn how to make your robots Industry 4.0-proof, taking advantage of innovative, compact and flexible components together with collaborative solutions to become more competitive.

Robotics related information

Discover our key solutions for robotics


Avoid the hassle of cables with your robot

With the world's first integrated Wireless valve system, any robotic application can benefit from both reduced installation time and costly production downtime with SMC’s EX600-W Series.

Our customers who have adopted the EX600-W Series have reported benefits of simplified drawings, maintenance manuals, quicker on-site commissioning and faster (even remote) fault diagnosis and field servicing.


Achieve precise movement in your robot and increase your productivity

Our J Series includes a range of pneumatic solutions specially designed under a weight & dimensions optimisation concept. This will enable your robot arm to move faster as the inertia loads are reduced, being more productive thanks to greatly enhanced cycle times.


Designed to endure your robot’s movements

Robot applications usually need to withstand complex movements. With SMC’s proven robotic solutions, you can reduce machine downtime and maintenance. 

Easy Exchange

Exchanging tools on your robot arm made easier

SMC’s auto hand changing system can be used for multiple tool changes on your applications.


The 3-in-1 electric solution for your robot

Miniaturisation is a key process in increasing the productivity of your robot application and that is why we designed an ultra-compact solution integrating a linear motor, a linear guide and a displacement sensor.

Find out how SMC can boost your applications


Do you have a gripping issue? We are here to help

Pneumatic or Electric, SMC has an array of options for your robot.

Vacuum handling

Build your complete vacuum solution

If vacuum is part of your robot application, we have a selection of different sized components to integrate with your machines.


For your welding robot

We have current-resistant solutions for the fixing and positioning of material welding, as well as a wide range of tubes suitable for the welding sector where environments are exposed to harsh spatters.


SMC’s painting solutions

Our painting applications are created with a variety of silicone-free products, a suitable choice for the automotive industry which avoids detrimental effects on paint adhesion.