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SMC’s approach on Industry 4.0

Smart Flexibility

Smart Machines working in Smart Factories offering Smart Flexibility

The Internet of Things, Connected Enterprise, Smart Manufacturing, Factory of the Future, Digitalisation are all terms used under the Industry4.0 umbrella.

In summary, the focus is on developing smart components that can be used to make smart machines, to deliver smart processes that can be continually monitored and managed remotely, which can be adapted for different manufacturing needs that operate in smart factories.

With the need for more flexible manufacturing to meet the changing needs of the markets, our experts work closely with our customers to help ensure that their machines use smart technology that can be quickly adapted to meet their customer’s demands. 

Check out our approach to Industry 4.0

Download our SMC Expert Report and discover how Industry 4.0 is changing the way we manufacture and at the same time find out how to make your machines Industry 4.0 proof, taking a more flexible approach to digitalisation.

Industry 4.0 is not something that can bought off the shelf or from a catalogue. Because each customer has different requirements and needs we have highly trained experts on-hand to help you on your Industry 4.0 journey.

Michael Losert | Industrial Application Centre Coordinator, SMC Germany

Industry 4.0 related information

See for yourself what’s in it for you with SMC’s “Smart Flexibility”

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Gain more in-depth knowledge on what SMC´s Smart Flexibility means to you:

Flexibility in industrial networking



Flexibility in industrial networking for communicating your machines and devices, making real the dream of connecting everything wirelessly.

Smart maintenance



Smart maintenance with predictive maintenance and condition monitoring as our way of maintaining the certainty and reliability of your production process

Flexibility in machine adjustments



Flexibility in machine adjustments for a quick reaction to ever-changing market demands in order to provide fast format changes in flexible and modular machines.

Smart Energy Efficiency



Our commitment to the environment, Smart Energy Efficiency, betting on sustainable and respectful urban-production.