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Serial Interface Solutions

EXpand your communications

Do you want to make the most of your manufacturing processes?

It is widely known that the use of Fieldbus brought you, all of us really, considerable savings in terms of wiring, connectors, installation and set-up time, electronic diagrams or documentation.

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At SMC, we´ve gone a step further by expanding the number of possibilities in industrial communication, bearing in mind the flexibility and versatility that markets currently demand. In short, with our Serial Interface solutions, you will "EXpand your communications":

  • Communicate & connect - Our solutions communicate in your language; our solutions connect all-to-all
  • Enter the Industry 4.0 era - High degree of remote control & diagnose and great adaptability with SMC's EX range
  • Build a complete solution with us - SMC's offers 12,000 basic models with over 700,000 variations to accommodate your automation needs.

See for yourself how SMC lets you "EXpand your communications"

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See for yourself how SMC Serial Interface solutions will “EXpand your communications”. SMC’s EX range offers a high number of possibilities in industrial communication as it communicates in any language and can connect to several valve manifolds. Moreover, its high degree of remote control and diagnosis allows entering the Industry 4.0 era.

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See examples below of applications where SMC's Serial Interface solutions have successfully expanded our customers' communications:

Assembly lines

Collaborative robotics with improved machine safety

Assembly lines

Process industry

Suitable for the transport of solids, remote control

Process industry

Packaging solutions

 Quick connection in tool changes on robot arms

Packaging solutions