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Where durability, strength, robustness and speed are key requirements in the production process

The automotive industry is constantly moving forward both in new vehicle development and improved manufacturing processes. This focus – always looking to the future – helps drive the industry forward which in turn help drives technological innovation.

We have a vast range of industry compliant – CNOMO, DIN, ISO, VDMA, ATEX, NAAMS – products.

In addition, we also have some tried and tested solutions that can withstand the harsh conditions often found in the automotive manufacturing process. These includes products which are strong, compact and lightweight – which are perfect for many robotic applications.

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Visit our online catalogue and discover some specific solutions for the automotive industry

We can support you in all the steps in your production process: Body shop, Press shop, Power Train, Paint shop and Final assembly

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With around 1,500 experienced R&D engineers based at our five Technical Centres at key locations around the world ……. we can develop customised, unique solutions just for you. 

Nicola Furchì | Industry Manager Automotive & Machinery

“The automotive market has always been a precursor of technological innovations, for the improvement and optimization of production systems. We are ready for the new evolution and its new needs”.

Nicola Furchì | Industry Manager Automotive & Machinery

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  • Body shop

  • Press shop

  • Power train

  • Paint shop

  • Final assembly

Body shop

Please find our most prominent solutions for conveyor technology, metal cutting and welding processes below.
Do you need a complete solution for a special application?
Regardless of whether it is standard or customised, contact our design support team, to start building your integral solution together. 

Press shop

Our complete solutions for supplying, distributing and processing the body parts in the press shop.

Power train

Whether machining parts or assembling aggregates, our range for the power train process assured you the reliability, efficiency and speed you need.

A range that includes: customer-specific air preparation solutions, circulation control systems, solutions for manipulation &  handling, valve portfolio compatible with most common fieldbus protocols as well as special products for effective conveying. 

Paint shop

In a paint shop, the safe transport of the body, as well as the reliable and quick application of the paint, are a prerequisite for ensuring high quality in the final product.

Our contribution for you in this area materialises in: the design and construction of control cabinets, valve terminals for nozzles, silicone-free products, colour change valve systems, process valves (Part Shop), wax flooding systems with ISO cylinders, as well as other products for the special developments for the painting process.

Final assembly

Final assembly and welding require of reliability precision and efficiency.
Based on those principal, you can see below main solutions for manipulators and conveyor technology.
Solutions enclosing valve technology, stopper cylinders or ionizers; all of them to increase your process reliability.