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Flexible and smart solutions for this very dynamic industry

If there is one industry that is reinventing itself that is the automotive, a renewal that affects both the automobile themselves and their production processes. Autonomous car, for example, are by now a reality; for the automotive industry the future is really the present.

Beyond our compliant solutions with standards such as CNOMO, DIN, ISO, VDMA, ATEX or NAAMS, we can provide you with our range of tested solutions that will endure harsh working conditions. Products that are strong and solid, as well as compact and light components for robotics applications.

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More specifically, we are in position to give you support, both with our products and our team of experts, in all the steps of your production process: Body shop, Press shop, Power Train, Paint shop and Final assembly. Further down, you can discover our solutions for each of these processes.

Are you a Tier 1? Do you offer advanced processes in the supply chain?

The supplier industry, too, relies on our experience and benefits from our know-how as well as ourcustomized solutions for all areas of the supply chain.

Our global teams of experts are fully trained to provide support in key areas such as Industry 4.0 or Machinery Safety. With the backup of 1,500 experienced engineers allocated in 5 technical centres (two of them in Europe: Germany & UK) ready to develop the customized solutions that are many times needed.

Nicola Furchì | Industry Manager Automotive & Machinery

“The automotive market has always been a precursor of technological innovations, for the improvement and optimization of production systems. We are ready for the new evolution and its new needs”.

Nicola Furchì | Industry Manager Automotive & Machinery

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