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Electronics industry

We give you the decisive advantage

Hardly any other industry is as marked by rapid progress and change as the electronic industry. Today's trends are tomorrow’s natural standards. Innovations secure market share, and revolutionary achievements characterise a new generation of devices.

In order to meet the demands of this fast-moving industry, we put our extensive portfolio at your disposal, with solutions for the different applications and processes involved in the electronics industry. We carry everything from heat exchangers to fittings for explosive and toxic gases. We have systems that make it possible to mix chemicals precisely. Our broad portfolio includes almost all products for these branches:

Further down you can see in detail our specific solutions for each of them.

Nevertheless, we know that standard models do not always fulfil your necessities. For it, we count on 5 technical centres, 2 of them in Europe (UK & Germany) that assist in developing customised solutions. Our experts know your industry well, and are able to offer you the suitable solutions you need.

“As the market leader, in SMC we have been working closely with leading companies in the semiconductor industry for more than ten years. We know what is important. We are constantly researching new products. We develop technologies that become the standard for the entire industry. We listen to you and find the best solution for you. As your partner, we accept every challenge. Make sure you have a decisive head start: our products will lead you to success.”

Andreas Schratzberger|Electronics Industry Manager CEE, SMC Austria

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