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The food industry is highly influenced by strict legal regulations. At the end of day, we all need guarantees on the food we consume. Therefore, these norms are a major issue for us when developing specific solutions for this industry. Not only in terms of materials that guarantee non-toxic final consumer products, but also in terms of the hygienic design, corrosion resistant of the materials to be used in the cleaning areas.

Solutions that go, on and on and on…as your process does

Besides the compliance to related food regulations, we also have solutions ready to fulfil the challenging requirements of continuous 24/7 operation. the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Long-life components to keep up with non-stop production processes.

Identify the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive, with the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Our team of experts, distributed amongst 83 countries, boast the specific expertise to support all the above daily challenges with either standard or customised solutions that are supported by our five technical centres, two of them located in Europe.

Our specific answers to your specific questions

The food industry comprises numerous subindustries and each of them involve their own specificities. Further down, you can discover the different solutions we provide for industries such as snacks, beer, cheese or beverage. If you have an application in another subindustry, contact our local expert to discuss specific solutions.

Food industry experts work hand-on-hand with our energy-efficient teams as non-stop production benefits greatly from the introduction of the cornerstones of energy efficiency in their plants.

Partnerships we feel proud of

SMC has Global Partnerships and memberships in industry associations. For example: Rockwell Encompass Partnership, EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) and we are also Member of Ucima (Unione costrutore machine utensile Italy).

Discover more

Visit our online product catalogue and discover our specific solutions for your industry.

Diego Mirabelli | European Industry Manager Food

“Millennials are a growing force in the food industry, especially for manufacturers who provide packaging solutions for meals, drinks or snacks – allowing consumers to replace meal-time altogether.
SMC is familiar with the strict regulations that govern the daily food production, together with the increased demand for high-speed manufacturing while not forgetting the necessity of respecting sustainability and addressing energy costs”.

Diego Mirabelli | European Industry Manager Food

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Experts in your industry

We are aware of the heterogeneity between the different processes within your industry. Please see our specific answers for them below.