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Technical Support Tables

Find the right components for your pneumatic systems

We have the solution for your challenge because we support you in selecting the right components for your machines.

In order to save time, we provide you with our technical support tables in the following areas:

  • Selecting the correct theoretical cylinder force
  • Calculating the required nominal flow rate
  • Finding the fitting with the needed thread type
  • and many more..

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Theoretical cylinder force

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Air consumption

Flow in tubing and fittings

The table below shows the air flow in the different tube sizes and lengths. The upper value is only the tubing and
lower is the tubing with a straight KQ2H fitting at one end and a KQ2L elbow fitting at the other end.

The flow (Qn) is given in ln/min. i.e.: IN = 0.6 MPa and OUT = 0.5 MPa.

Nominal flow

Thread types



Vacuum pads - Model selection

Lifting force determination

The theoretical lifting force (without safety factor) is determined by the vacuum pressure and the contact area of
the vacuum pad.

Safety factor for horizontal lifting: 4
Safety factor for vertical lifting: 8