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Copyright SMC Austria GmbH.

All rights reserved. All images, graphics, texts, audio, video and animation files provided on this Website are subject to copyright law or other intellectual property laws. Any reproduction, modification or use of such materials in other electronic or printed publications shall not be permitted without the prior express approval of SMC Austria GmbH.

Transmission of CAD Files

In addition to the above provision, SMC data sets may only be used for the expressly intended use (or rather project). Any other use (in particular the use in other projects, in case of additions or changes to the current project, or other purposes for which SMC has not expressly provided the data) requires written approval by SMC.

Any unauthorized modification or reuse of the data set shall be at your sole risk, and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold SMC harmless for all claims, injuries, damages, losses, expenses and attorney’s fees arising out of the unauthorized modification or use of these materials.

Because third parties can modify the CAD information stored in electronic form intentionally or otherwise, without notice or indication of said modifications, SMC reserves the right to remove all references of its ownership and/or involvement in material from each electronic medium not held in its possession.

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