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Valve Manifold Configurator

Create your tailor-made valve manifold

Would it help you get a summary list of components of your manifold? Interested in having 3D drawings? Worried about oversizing or undersizing your machine?

Our Valve Configurator online has been specifically developed for defining, in very few steps, valve manifold configurations using either our versatile and flexible SY solenoid valve, our space efficient JSY solenoid valve or other powerful valves, VQC and SV. With the help of our Valve Configurator online, defining your manifold assembly has never been easier!

Try SMC’s Valve Configurator online and you will:

  • Refine your choice – Design the exact manifold that meets your specific requirements
  • Simplify the order process – Have comprehensive parts lists and quotation document for your configured manifold
  • Properly size your machine – Get dimensions and 3D drawings.
  • Active support during configuration - Our online configurator provides tipps and solutions to help you to get quickly to your desired configuration.
  • Change valve series with one click - Do you want to increase the flow or use a valve series? With just one click you can switch the series without having to re-configure. 

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Included series: SY, JSY, SV, SJ, VQC, VQ, security applications Fieldbus systems: EX250, EX260, EX500, EX600

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