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High Vacuum Solutions

Ensure your system runs at its peak

Does your manufacturing process comprise any of the following?

  • Etching equipment
  • Sputtering equipment
  • Ion implantation equipment
  • CVD equipment

If it does, our high-quality peripheral equipment is precisely what you need to exhaust air from and supply atmospheric pressure to your vacuum chamber when processing wafers and LCDs.

SMC’s high vacuum solutions provide high performance while fulfilling the required conditions such as non-leakage, clean specifications, corrosion resistance, long service life and minimum maintenance time.

Our committed and expertly trained professionals are at your disposal to take care of your field solutions service and product needs in addition to SMC’s global coverage and manufacturing.


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See for yourself how SMC can "Ensure your system runs at its peak"


Explore our high vacuum products to define your perfect solution and meet the demands of your industry.


See examples below of applications where SMC's High Vacuum solutions have successfully adapted to our customers' needs:

Semiconductor device fabrication

Photolithographic and chemical processing to create integrated electronic circuits

Semiconductor device fabrication

Photovoltaic manufacturing process

Crystalline silicon cell and thin film manufacturing to create solar cells

Photovoltaic manufacturing process

Leak testing for the automotive industry

Injection systems, airbag ignitors, fuel tanks, air suspension and air condition systems

Leak testing for the automotive industry