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SMC Training Systems

At the pulse of industrial automation technology, practically relevant and effective

SMC International Training is a business unit of SMC. Thanks to our global presence, we offer our global customers the most modern training systems, which are constantly tailored to the requirements of the industries. 

By using our training tools, any desired level of know-how can be trained, expanded and consolidated. The various practical exercises combined with error simulations and practice with the latest SMC industrial components guarantee an exciting and above all successful training. 

SMC International Training can help you become an expert on:

  • Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Vacuum, Sensors
  • Programmable Controllers, Continuous Processes, Motion Control
  • Robotics, Artificial Vision Systems, Industrial Communications, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) 
  • ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (M.E.S.)
  • Industry 4.0/Connected Enterprise

Use the following help to select SMC Education Tools:

Technology Trainer

Your challenge:
The focus is on basic qualifications in various technologies with a fault-tolerant learning system in theory and practice. The know-how gained should be able to be used for professionalization in mechatronic processes. 
Our solution:
SMC's technology trainers include digital learning media and state-of-the-art industrial components. Thus, the required know-how in the most diverse technologies can be developed intuitively, step by step and above all in a motivating way. 

Mechatronics Trainer

Your challenge:
The high quality standard and the increase of the profitable production of linear manufacturing processes are to be achieved by short maintenance times, fast troubleshooting, use of different sensor technologies, efficient programming and the ideal combination of different drive technologies. 
Our solution:
Real production processes and workflows can be efficiently mapped and trained with a wide range of mechatronics trainers from SMC. The complex processes become transparent and easy to understand.

Industry 4.0 Trainer

Your challenge:
You want to develop know-how in Industry 4.0 as well as smart applications in connection with web applications and complex logistics? The focus here is on minimizing costs while simultaneously increasing quality and energy efficiency? Also products according to customer requirements and the reduction of lead times are a central topic?
Our solution:
With trainer tools from SMC, all necessary processes and concepts of smart applications with Industry 4.0 technologies can be simulated, trained and developed in a clear and transparent way.

Our products are geared towards industry needs and are aimed at universities, vocational and technical education institutions. But also to companies with internal training infrastructure as well as to institutions that plan or arrange training courses in automation technology.

Do you have any questions? 
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Your SMC sales experts are always available for your requests or contact us on:
T: +43 (0) 2262-62280-0 


Technology Trainer

Mechatronics Trainer

Industry 4.0 Trainer