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Sensors & Switches

Do you need to know how your installation is working?

We can definitely help you with that.

Sensors play quite a critical role within factory automation. They are responsible for gathering relevant information about a given automated process, so that decisions can be taken.

Sensor measuring needs are as vast as the solutions we have to cater for them.

Do you need….

  • To decrease your air line consumption? For you, our large flow digital flow switch.
  • To confirm suction for workpieces containing moisture? The solution is our vacuum sensor for general fluids.
  • To know how much coolant your machine tool is consuming? Try our electromagnetic flow sensor.
  • A robust sensor for a narrow space? Then the best is our remote type pressure sensor coupled with a monitor to centralise the values.

SMC’s sensors & switches fulfil all common automation processes including main industries such as food or electronics.

If you have any queries regarding the best solution for your application, contact our experts now.

SMC product animation sensors and switches

Expect a diverse range for measuring both pressure and flow

Visit our online product catalogue to obtain all you need for building your solution: stock availability, 3D model, CAD file, operation manual, data sheet and much more.

Pressure & vacuum switches

Our remote and integrated display sensors

Integrated display

Consider products that can be deployed today which, at the same time, are ready to exploit benefits in the future.

Remote Type

In dangerous areas where a tool is working, when the operator does not need to visualise the screen values next to the applications, or when a sensor in an inaccessible place is needed; under these conditions, maybe what you are looking for is a remote type sensor.

Take a look at our PSE remote type pressure sensor catalogue and find the monitor that helps to minimise your risk.

Flow switches

Our flow meters for air, water & chemicals

For air

Integrate a flow meter in the plant control environment and discover your real consumption.

For general fluids

Do you use IO-Link communication? We do too. Control the huge number of flow meters and sensors across the plant.