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Sensors & Switches

Because it makes perfect sense

Do you need to know how your installation is working?

Only by knowing what is happening at your machines, at all times, will you be able to take decisions that will lead to the increase in the productivity and efficiency of your processes. Simply because you can’t manage what you don’t know. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Facilities that take advantage of data can pursue the optimisation of their processes through the increase in assets such as efficiency and obviously productivity. In those terms, sensors turn out to be an ubiquitous element as a source of that valuable information.

Sensor measuring needs are as vast as the solutions we have to cater for them, with our range of sensors & switches you will:

  • Expect a diverse range Wide portfolio for a diverse range of fluids
  • Ease your control 3 screens with 2 colours to identify the set value
  • Program them easily 3-step setting: programming can be done in 3 simple steps
  • Get more from your sensor Advanced functions for increased, easier operability


See for yourself how SMC’s sensors & switches can help you, “Because it makes perfect sense”

Interested in our latest solutions?

Explore our recently launched sensors & switches, because it makes perfect sense

Pressure & vacuum switches

Integrated display

Get more information at a glance. Consider products that can be deployed today which, at the same time, are ready to exploit benefits in the future

Remote Type

Take a look at the remote type sensors, ideal where there is no need to visualise the screen values next to the applications or when a sensor in an inaccessible place is needed

Flow switches

For air

Integrate a flow meter in the plant control environment and discover your real consumption.

For general fluids

Reduce your costs by monitoring the different parameters of your installation, leading to an improvement in machine availability