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Industrial maintenance

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There is no production process that can achieve optimum productivity without taking care of a good maintenance programme, but probably this information isn’t new for you. Since industrial maintenance became popular in the 20th century, most production lines and factories have been designing and implementing maintenance actions for their processes.
Nevertheless, industrial maintenance is a culture of its own, that not only consists of repairing machines, but implies that the whole production team (technicians, engineers, leaders, etc.) is trained in the continuous improvement of the maintenance strategy in order to reduce costs, eliminate waste and build a more efficient process.
If you’re willing to know which style suits you best, or how you can improve your programme, take a look at our solutions for industrial maintenance, and keep your production going.

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Corrective maintenance

When the failure already happened: The most traditional way of performing maintenance actions is by fixing incidents. The basis of corrective maintenance consists of identifying and replacing parts that are compromising the production due to some kind of failure.

Preventative maintenance

One step ahead the failure:  Why wait for a stoppage or failure before taking action? Preventive maintenance can help solve these issues, always trying to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Predictive maintenance

When need arises: This popular term consists on setting a strategy to monitor the actual condition of equipment with the aim of predicting a failure before it occurs.

Reliability based maintenance

Design from the origin: Looking for the reduction of unnecessary maintenance costs is based on FMEA and is focused on the different failures that could occur and the consequences these could bring.