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Energy efficiency

Get on top of your energy efficiency game with our leading expertise & design

At SMC, energy efficiency is our passion. Our sleek, compact and durable design is the result of over 60 years as a dedicated leader in pneumatic control engineering. In fact, we were among the first to win environmental certifications decades ago! We help you do the right things right, and get the results you need to energise your efficiency. Visit our virtual showroom to directly experience six of our innovative energy-efficient products!

In a climate of high prices, shifting public opinion and changing regulations, it’s our mission to find the perfect eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for your factory. From vacuum units to valves, to actuators and air management systems, our dedicated experts are by your side to support you in making the right decisions, and our free Digital Engineering Tools help prevent errors, saving you time and money. 

Generate - Recover - Monitor - Use - Think. We apply our efficiency philosophy to everything at SMC, including our daily decisions. Breathe new life into the world with SMC's automation solution. 

Think efficient!

See for yourself how SMC is supporting sustainability

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Energy efficiency related information

Gain awareness of the energy consumption of your pneumatic equipment, so you can optimise its air consumption and start reducing your energy-related costs

Are you keen on a technical approach to Energy efficiency?

Download our Expert Report and discover more in-depth why pressure is growing on all industrial businesses to meet European targets and adhere to legislation. Learn where you can find help and how to take advantage of new technology and initiatives to become more competitive.

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Maximise your energy efficiency and your cost savings by switching to 4-bar pressure with SMC

Dreaming of leading for change? Accept the SMC challenge. Become a 4-bar factory, be a pioneer in your sector.

Our innovative programme to reduce your system pressure is a step only a few of the biggest manufacturing giants have caught on to. You'll be on the cutting-edge of this move from running equipment at 7 bar to reduce CO2, compressed air and energy use. Save the planet, and your bottom line as well! Can't implement 4-bar just yet? No worries, any reduction in pressure will reward you all the same, with saved money and resources, as well as improved environmental impact. Cut down 1 bar at a time on your journey to optimal energy efficiency.

Read more on how the 4-bar transformation ensures year-round savings and secures your position as a SDG leader here.


Maximise your energy efficiency and your cost savings by switching to 4-bar pressure with SMC

Unlock energy savings: Learn more about SMC's 5 cornerstones to achieve energy efficient manufacturing processes.

Generate what you need

Increase profits and reduce CO2

With SMC’s expertise and precision in pneumatic technology, you can maximise your energy-efficiency and use only what you really need to. That means generating just the right amount of pressure, minimising it in some places, while boosting it in others. This way, you can cut your energy bills without compromising productivity. The same goes with vacuum air, which does not have to be a source of non-stop air wastage. SMC’s silent, all-in-one energy-saving vacuum unit lowers your usage with its energy-efficient options. Finally, our process and low consumption solenoid valves help shut off inactive lines, and our stand-by valve ensures that procedures requiring quick pressurisation aren’t compromised.

Recover what you generate

Recover energy you generate

Recovering energy at the generation source is key, but it also can be done at usage. Heat recovery is something we’re all familiar with, but you can also recover released air from actuators. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, SMC’s specialists have created an actuation circuit that we know will be the direction of pneumatic systems in the future.

Re-use the generated heat

In fact, by definition, energy transformation leads to heat generation. That heat can simply be reused for any other operation, such as warming water (thorough a heat exchanger) or heating up the plant (through hot air distribution).

Re-use the generated heat

Recover the released air

Have you ever considered recovering the air from your cylinders? Contact us and we will show you how this is already a reality with SMC.

Recover the released air

Monitor what you use

Monitor energy you generate

Know how your factory is performing. Analyse, conclude and improve with our advanced monitoring tools. What gets measured, gets managed is our motto at SMC.

Level up your compressed air management with our Air Management System, which can cut up to 29% in CO2 emissions.

SMC is an industry leader and has been at the forefront of technology to improve monitoring and efficiency in automation. Our iO links allow you to see how machinery is performing and maximise efficiency.

Use what you need

Air is free, compressed air is not

Use the correct size with proper oversizing. Select the right product and size with our Engineering Tools to guide you.


  • Minimise tubing whenever possible
  • Choose energy-efficient components
  • Use blow wisely
  • Use vacuum wisely
  • Use quality air

Make it easier with ISO 50001

Try a little DIY to meet European directives

Now that energy efficiency has become a mandated European directive, SMC has found itself mentoring many clients as they adopt ISO 50001. This framework emphasises ongoing improvement as opposed to externally imposed targets. A bit of DIY, in fact, and a natural choice if your organisation has already implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Who wouldn’t want to save up to 30% on energy bills? For this reason 9 out of 10 companies using ISO 50001 recommend this certification, which is especially prominent amongst the metal manufacturing and food sectors. 

Find out more how SMC's Air Management System transformed an OEM customer's efficiency.


Air Management System

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Visit the Energy Efficiency Showroom!

Explore The SMC Expertise Hub


Sustainable becomes attainable with SMC

 By Iván Martínez, Industries Manager, SMC Spain

The ethos of corporate responsibility, sometimes called corporate social responsibility (CSR) or business sustainability, begins with recognising that the activities of your business impact on society, the environment and the economy, as well as your employees. It makes good sense for your company to operate sustainably as the benefits extend from enhanced brand reputation through to better staff engagement. For sustainability managers at engineering companies, SMC drives sustainable development and delivers a highly positive impact through various CO2 emissions reduction initiatives. These efforts provide a major contribution towards attaining the ISO 14001 environmental management standard, and help any companies reporting their carbon reduction journey based on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, as set out in the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol.

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Fast-track your route to lower energy bills

  By Jeff Careless, Business Development Manager – Continuous Improvement, SMC UK

In an era where manufacturing and process plants are under increasing pressure from soaring energy bills and ever-tightening CO2 emissions legislation, it begs the question: is there a way to reduce my energy consumption quickly without compromising efficiency or output? The short answer is yes, with the right advice and expertise.

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SMC can help OEMs develop energy-efficient machines

 By Roy Schep, Manager Energy Efficiency, SMC Netherlands

OEMs traditionally design their pneumatic machinery and equipment for an operating pressure of 7 bar. However, by reducing this to 4 bar, I know from experience that end users can cut their energy costs by up to 29% in some instances, creating a powerful USP for the OEM. To help achieve such a desirable outcome, increasing numbers of OEMs are engaging with our team of experts here at SMC, who can offer both the know-how and products to turn this concept into reality.

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