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Fluid control

Let it flow in a controlled manner

Do you need measurement solutions, control solutions or both?

Whether it's flow, pressure, metering, dosing, analysis, filtration, temperature or process automation, SMC has the solutions you are looking for. We know how important it is to measure and control both liquids and gases and what an incorrect control of liquids and gases can mean for your process. That's why SMC is your reliable partner, because we know what we are talking about. Benefit from the knowledge we have accumulated in multiple sectors and that we apply tailormade to our customers’ needs.

“With our range of Fluid Control Products, we aim to become a leader in the field of factory automation by providing key elements such as reliability, compactness and energy efficiency for the global process industry.
We have in place a network of specialists worldwide to guarantee constant support for the sizing and selection of products as well as after sales issues.”

Matteo Arcari / European fluid control manager

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