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SMC Heritage

Trusted by our customers since 1959

When SMC was established, it consisted of 8 employees that were mostly part timers. We didn’t have a phone of our own so, whenever required, we would use the phone of the small printing company next door. At that time, I had no idea that SMC would become a world leader. I was extremely busy and had no time to dream about such things.
Yoshiyuki Takada
Founder of SMC Corporation

Since our founding in 1959, SMC has grown as a comprehensive manufacturer of automatic control equipment, including pneumatic equipment, with the goal of “meeting all of our customer requests”. At this time, SMC has more than 500 offices in more than 80 countries around the world with 20,000 employees including 6,600 sales staff and 1,600 engineers with abundant knowhow and 700,000 product variations. (...) We are confident that we can provide positive contributions in solving our customers’ issues regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy and resource savings. Read more 
Yoshiki Takada
President and Chief Executive Officer
SMC Corporation


We care - Our commitment to sustainable growth

  1. Our first FRL dates back to the 60s

    1959 – Company starts trading under the denomination Shoketsu Kogo Co Ltd, the Sintered Metal Corporation

    1961 – First manufacture and sale of pneumatic air line equipment (air F.R.L. units)

    1964 – First manufacture and sale of automatic control equipment

    1967 – First overseas subsidiary is set up in Australia

  2. Sintered Metal Corporation lands in Europe

    1970 – First manufacture and sale of actuators (air cylinders)

    1971 - First manufacture and sale of directional control equipment (direct operated solenoid valves)

    1976 – First subsidiary in Europe is set up in Switzerland

    Establishment of European subsidiaries

    1978 –UK & Germany

  3. SMC Corporation is borned

    1986 – Company is renamed SMC Corporation

    1987 – Company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    Establishment of European subsidiaries

    1981 – Italy, Netherlands & Belgium

    1986 – Sweden

    1988 – France

  4. Technical support starts being at the heart of our business

    1991 – Japan Technical Centre completed

    Establishment of European subsidiaries

    1990 – Austria, Ireland, Spain & Portugal

    1991 – Hungary

    1996 – Russia

    1998 - Denmark

  5. Our technical support vocation spreads around the globe

    2000 – European Technical Centre is completed

    2002 – US Technical Centre is completed

    2002 – European Marketing Centre is completed

    2004 – European Central Warehouse is completed

    2007 – China Technical Centre is completed

    2008 – German Technical Centre is completed

    Establishment of European subsidiaries

    2000 – Poland

    2001 – Finland, Estonia & Latvia

    2004 – Bulgaria

    2005 – Lithuania & Croatia

  6. Our products get closer to you in Europe

    2011 – Russian production plant starts manufacturing

    2012 – Czech Republic production plant starts manufacturing

    Establishment of European subsidiaries

    2010 – Turkey

    2021 – Israel


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