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Do you need to know the position of your cylinder at all times?

Would you like a compact solution in order to do this?

SMC’s first actuator position sensor is the smart answer you need. With the D-MP Series, you will be able to know the position of the piston rod at all times without the need to fit multiple auto switches or any other bulky solution. As a result, actuation systems have increased functionality. This solution offers a choice of 3 output systems: analogue signal, IO-Link process data or flexible switching point.

Our latest arrival in IO-Link compatible solutions will add new possibilities to conventional auto switches and offer reassurance to factory operators by providing consistent accuracy and control at all times. Furthermore, the D-MP compact sensor can replace complex encoder systems to provide an efficient reading.

The sensor can be mounted onto a great number of our cylinders (ISO, compact, guided, dual rod, etc.), helping you to streamline your suppliers.

In summary, D-MP will bring you the following benefits:

  • Get continuous information on cylinder position – Piston position is output as an analogue signal or as a IO-Link process data
  • Enjoy IO-Link advantages with SMC – Your one supplier for your automation needs
  • Reduce mounting labour & Stock – Direct mounting into any of our main cylinders.

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See for yourself how SMC’s D-MP is "A smart move":