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SMC’s solutions for the bakery industry

SMC bakes for you

Today's bakery industry is embracing a future powered by automation. Cutting-edge technologies like IO-Link and fieldbus systems orchestrate a symphony of precision, optimising production and reducing waste. Sustainability now leads the way in the bakery industry, from eco-friendly packaging to energy-efficient equipment. Quality remains paramount, with advanced systems ensuring consistent, delicious products that meet every expectation.

SMC is here to help you rise to the challenge of sustainable & efficient baking! Our cutting-edge automation solutions streamline processes for consistent quality and precise control. Imagine:

  • Seamless communication between sensors and machines, enabling precise control and monitoring.
  • Real-time data for informed decisions on production, maintenance, and resource allocation.
  • Eco-friendly practices that minimise waste and energy consumption through smart systems and sustainable materials.

SMC’s bakery automation solutions for every step of the process

Optimise every step of your bakery production line with SMC's innovative solutions:

  • Ensure precision and freshness with reliable components
  • Achieve consistent dough characteristics with precise control of time, energy & temperature
  • Deliver uniform portions with a balance of artistry and technological expertise
  • Eliminate imperfections with reliable control systems
  • Protect and preserve your delicious creations while minimising environmental impact.

Bake the future. Partner with SMC for efficient, sustainable success.

Discover our solutions for bakery industry

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Discover our key solutions for bakery industry

Storage, weighing and mixing

In the bakery processes, the stages of storage and weighing play a fundamental role in ensuring the precision and quality of the final culinary creation. Effective storage practices safeguard the integrity of ingredients, preserving their freshness and enhancing overall product quality. Simultaneously, meticulous weighing procedures contribute to the precision required for successful recipe execution.

Combining the ingredients initiates the chemical process of baking, encompassing the combination and hydration of dry components, incorporation of air, and the development of gluten to achieve optimal dough-handling characteristics. Precise measurements and control are applied to the mixing time, energy input, and dough temperature.


The conveyors play a pivotal role in optimising production workflows, facilitating the smooth transition of raw materials through various stages of the baking process. From the initial transportation of flour and other essential components to the meticulous handling of dough and the orderly presentation of finished goods, conveyors form the backbone of a well-orchestrated bakery operation.

Depanning & pan cleaning

The depanning stage is an important act in the journey from oven to table. Depanning, the art of carefully extracting baked goods from their moulds, marks the culmination of the baking process and the beginning of their transformation into delectable delights. This intricate procedure requires a delicate balance of precision and finesse to ensure that each product maintains its shape, texture, and visual appeal.

As an integral part of the overall production workflow, the pan cleaning process ensures that baking pans and trays are free from residue, contaminants, and unwanted flavours that could compromise the quality of the baked goods. From removing remnants of previous batches to preventing crosscontamination, this meticulous cleaning procedure is essential for upholding food safety, product consistency, and the overall reputation of the bakery.


The slicing stage is a precision-driven performance, transforming fully baked creations into uniform portions ready for consumption. The slicing process, often the final touch before products reach the consumer, requires a delicate balance between artistry and technological finesse.


The packaging step involves carefully enclosing and protecting freshly baked goods before they embark on their journey to consumers’ homes. The packaging process is a meticulous part of the process that ensures not only the preservation of flavour and freshness but also makes the end product visually attractive.

Other solutions

Apart from the solutions provided above for the different parts of the process analysed, SMC offers other products that could help achieve the final quality of the baked goods.

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