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Energy efficiency

Energise your efficiency

In our 24/7 economy and as Governments, industries and consumers battle with our thirst for ever increasing supplies of energy, SMC has always been fully committed to assist customers in reducing their bills and of course, in making its modest contribution to global sustainability.

We now want to share our 5 cornerstones of energy efficiency with you that will help you to embrace good energy policies for your business in a very intuitive and simple way.

Energy efficiency related information

Gain awareness of the energy consumption of your pneumatic equipment, so you can optimise its air consumption and start reducing your energy-related costs

Are you keen on a technical approach to Energy efficiency?

Download our Expert Report and discover more in-depth why pressure is growing on all industrial businesses to meet European targets and adhere to legislation. Learn where you can find help and how to take advantage of new technology and initiatives to become more competitive.

See for yourself how with SMC you will “Energise your efficiency”

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Who has never dreamed of being a pioneer in their industry while boosting energy efficiency and cost savings at the same time?
We encourage and support you in reducing your main line pressure.
You will be surprised that making the transition to 4 bar means savings all round.


Take a look to our 4-bar factory leaflet

Accept the challenge

Gain more in-depth knowledge on how you can apply efficiency.

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