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Your needs for the Electronic Industry

SMC’s electric range and solutions are helping form the standards of tomorrow. In order to meet the demands of a rapidly growing marketplace, we created an extensive portfolio of solutions for a variety of applications that consist of:

Further below, you can look at our detailed description of these processes and functions.

Nevertheless, we understand our standard products and models may not always fulfil your needs, therefore we count on the expertise of SMC’s 5 technical centres around the world to assist in developing customised solutions in order to solve your automation challenges.

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Related information

Semiconductor manufacturing

Semiconductor device fabrication is the process used to create the integrated circuits that are ever present in everyday electrical and electronic devices. It is a step by step sequence of photolithographic and chemical processing during which electronic circuits are gradually created on a wafer made of pure semiconducting material. Silicon is frequently used in the process, but various compound semiconductors are required for specialized applications.

Exhaust line: Process chamber

High vacuum valves are in the exhaust pipe of the process chamber. In addition, ultra-pure gas valves are used to direct the gases into the process chamber.

Cooling water line

In order to optimise the processes, the temperatures of the individual chambers (especially the process chamber) are precisely controlled. Process valves, flow switches, pressure regulators and pressure switches are used for this purpose.

Temperature adjustment line

Cooling and temperature control units are used to precisely control the different chambers.

Transfer chamber & load-lock chamber

Exhaust line: Transfer chamber & Load-lock chamber: High vacuum valves are located in the exhaust pipe of the transfer chamber.

N2/air suply chamber

Regulators, flow switches, filters and vent valves are used to smoothly ventilate the transfer chamber. This avoids turbulence, which could cause particles to swirl.

Laser applications

Most semiconductor chips are laser marked, providing permanent, reliable and attractive markings in fractions of a second. Before packaging, silicon semiconductor wafers are identified using highly controlled lasers to avoid damaging the properties of the wafer.

Cooling water line

In order to achieve optimal and consistent results, the temperature of the laser and optics are precisely controlled. Process valves, flow switches, pressure switches and regulators are used for accurate measurement and reading.

Temperature adjustment line

Thermo-chiller or thermo-con devices are used to precisely control the temperature of the laser and optics. See our range of chillers here: