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We also care about improvements in the quality of life

Medical technology clearly encompasses a vast range of disciplines and applications. Nevertheless, all of them have a common thread: the beneficial impact on health and quality of life (MedTech Europe).

In this field we can offer you an extensive range of solutions including temperature control, miniature process valves – when available space is an issue, couplings, fittings and tubing, special oil and grease free products, plus a large range of electric actuators and controllers 

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1,500 R&D engineers at your service

In addition to our standard product range, we have the capability to develop customised solutions. With around 1,500 R&D engineers located at our five Technical Centres around the world (two in Europe - Germany & UK) if you’re looking for a tailor-made solution, we can help you.

Scroll down and discover some specific solutions for sterilisation technology, shock wave therapy, dental applications and X–Ray systems.

“Requests from Medical Industry customers often develop into long term projects which require both perseverance and patience. Over time you become deeply involved - building close working relationships”. 

Max Lemacon | Responsable Grands Comptes Internationaux Life Science

Life Science related information

Sterilisation technology

Working closely with our customers we have developed a wide range of solutions for may sterilisation processes. These solutions recognise the need for high quality components that offer long lifecycle performance. 

Our solutions are recognised for resistance to abrasion caused by flow, they offer excellent leakage safety and their reduced size ensures ease of maintenance. In addition we have a growing range of high temperature solutions (steam).  

Shock wave therapy

Product miniaturisation is a key feature in our shock wave therapy solutions. By reducing our components size installation is possible even in the tightest spaces

As a supplier of both pneumatic and electrical solutions we can be your one-stop-shop.

Dental applications

In dental applications, our customers have traditionally valued our compact-design solutions such as our versatile valve technology and our modular F.R.L. units. Our complete assembly solutions such as those for fluid control in disinfection solutions are also highly valued.

We have been a reliable and experienced supplier for well-known companies in the dental field for many years.

X–Ray systems

We offer you standard products as well as customer-specific solutions that meet your requirements for the high availability of your systems as well as reliable and precise temperature control.

In addition to the cooling units, our cooling solutions for X-ray systems also include components for designing the fluid circuits through connection technology and tubing.