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ATEX Products

We've got the products you need for explosive atmospheres

Devices and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must have been approved in accordance with Directive 2014/34 /EU, known as ATEX, since 1 July 2003.

This directive was formulated and adopted in accordance with the 1985 Council of Europe Decision. Its objective is the approximation of legislation within the EU countries to ensure the free movement of goods.

Certified equipment is designed to prevent the generation of ignition sources such as: Electric sparks, arcs and flashes, electrostatic discharges, electromagnetic waves, ionizing radiation, hot surfaces, flames and hot gases, mechanically generated sparks, optical radiation, chemical flame initiation, compression.

To implement the ATEX Directive, SMC offers its customers a wide range of products such as solenoid valves, serial transmission systems, air cylinders, auto switches, rotary actuators, booster regulators, positioners and process valves, which are certified as explosion-proof in various protection categories.

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