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Industry 4.0

Smart Flexibility

Today’s competing arena is far away from the mass production philosophy, where a minimum unit cost was the name of the game. At present, the new tunes are personalisation, cost-effectiveness, speed and, of course, sustainability.

From mass production to mass customisation, does it sound familiar?

Against the backdrop of rapid changes in expectations and preferences, in the accepted time to market, a sphere where loyalty has become rather slippery; where technologies are developing much faster than our understanding of them, we feel we need to grab something, and that something is Flexibility.

After several years already working through Industry 4,0, Factory of the Future, Smart Factory, Digitalisation, you name it, have taught us that the added value we could offer to our customer, to you, is to assist in building flexible enough machines. As simple and as complicated as that.

Through a close partnership with you, SMC’s Smart Flexibility is based on making your machines Industry 4.0-proof, in order to equip them with the necessary flexibility that markets are calling for. Smart Flexibility combines what works best; expertise in automation and the passion of working shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

“Industry 4.0 is not an item that can simply be ordered from a catalogue.

For SMC, it is about helping our customers to build the flexible machines that will materialise the adaptability, speed and customisation their markets are demanding from them.

Because each customer is at a different level, and we have to adapt to all of them so they get exactly what they need.”

Michael Losert | Industrial Application Centre Coordinator, SMC Germany

More to come on this topic in the next months, now take a peek at the video below, to start getting familiarised with SMC’s Smart Flexibility.