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Our appetizing solutions for snack producers

In this highly competitive market, we recognize your need for a reliable partner who understands the demands for continuous 24/7 snack production.

In response, our experts have developed solutions for the entire process from:

  • Peeling to frying
  • Slicing to weighing
  • Flavoring to box filling.

In addition, our product range has been designed to:

  • Minimize the risks of contamination
  • Deliver energy efficiencies
  • Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Enhance cost control.

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Jorge Salgado | Food Project Manager, SMC Spain

We daily focus on helping our customers to quickly adapt to their fast-moving markets; to make their workplace safer; to add energy efficiency to their process. Hand-in-hand work to support them with their regular challenges”.

Jorge Salgado | Food Project Manager, SMC Spain

Snack industry related information

Snacks manufacturing process

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