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Mining industry

Get the strong and enduring solutions you need

An industry as important as the Mining industry could benefit greatly from pneumatics and automation.

The extraction and processing involves very harsh and extreme working conditions; if one industry demands strong, reliable and quality products it is yours.

Many times, because staff health and safety are at stake. To achieve the peace of mind you need, we are here to offer you:

  • A wide range of solid solutions: heavy duty actuators, ISO cylinders, positioners
  • Custom-made solutions: special cylinders adapted to your own working requirements or control cabinets to fit your specific needs
  • Materials that withstand high temperatures and durable components.

We can adapt to you

With 5 technical centres worldwide (2 of them in Europe) and 1,600 sales engineers we can guarantee the creation of customised solutions thanks to being able to adapt our 12,000 basic models to your specific requirements.

Mining industry related information

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  • Actuators

  • Positioners


SMC have an extensive range of both standard and specialist actuators which are particularly suitable for mineral extraction, mineral processing and aggregate industry applications.


For optimum cylinder performance and cost-effective operation, we have developed a range of high-quality smart/pneumatic positioners.

Extremely robust and perfect for use in harsh environments, these positioners can be used in combination with other SMC components as complete assemblies to effectively maintain and monitor the position of our pneumatic cylinders.