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Our range of products for the field of analytical technology includes pumps, for conveying and dosing, tubing and fittings and a wide range of valve solutions. Within our valve range, we offer media-separated fluid control valves with minimal dead space, diaphragm and seat valves for fluids and gases as well as valves in miniature size.

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Multilayer manifold with wide variety of materials

One of our key special developments for this industry is the multilayer manifold, manufactured in a wide variety of materials. These assemblies enable three-dimensional flow-optimised channel structures to connect up to 5 layers. Furthermore, we also develop sensor, temperature control and electric actuator assemblies to accommodate our customers’ requirements.

Below you can discover in detail specific solutions for in vitro diagnostics, biotechnology and elemental analysis.

Looking for a customised solution?

Our value proposition for the analytical technology field takes advantage of our capability to develop customised solutions. In order to do this, we have five technical centres, two of them located in Europe: Germany and UK. Our engineers there work together with customers to guarantee the development of the individual solution that satisfies their individual needs.

"The OEM leaders in Analytical Instruments require complete solutions for their applications.
SMC offers extensive experience in fluid and gas handling, especially in valve and manifold technologies for real plug and play Solutions“.

Thomas Lindhammer | Senior Application Sales Engineer Analyser, Life Science Europe

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  • In vitro diagnostics

  • Biotechnology

  • Elemental analysis

In vitro diagnostics

For in vitro diagnostics, we offer components and customer-specific solutions for precise liquid control in analytical instruments. We also provide solutions for safe transport and the introduction of sample containers in pick and place applications.


In the area of ​​biotechnologies, we provide you with versatile and reliable solutions for the efficient control of various gases and liquids.

We meet the specific requirements of your applications, such as blood and DNA analysers, bacteria typing or liquid filling.

Elemental analysis

In addition to actuators for pick-and-place applications and their control, we primarily offer solutions for the control of gases and chemicals with a very compact design.

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Optimised fluid handling for life sciences analysers

Philippe Pinto – Industry Manager Life Science, Europe

Who has not heard about the PCR test? In vitro diagnostics (IVD) in general and analyser in a more specific sense, have always played a key role in society as they are non-invasive tests performed on biological samples (for example blood, urine or tissues) to diagnose or exclude diseases. Covid-19 has put IVD in the spotlight and diagnostic tests are, unfortunately a normal part of our daily conversations. The professionals in IVD already knew that an early diagnosis can make the difference; that the right diagnosis can make the difference.

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