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SMC’s solutions for static control

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Static electricity is the result of an imbalance between negative and positive charges in an object. These charges can build up on the surface of an object until they find a way to be released or discharged, and with the appropriate control, can help to improve the results of the productive process.

The presence of static is more usual than it seems, and a good control of this phenomenon can help to reduce undesired effects such as product rejection, jolts to the workers, faulty packaging and impurities, or can enhance your production capabilities by charging the components to modify their behaviour with other pieces.

With SMC's Ionizers you will:

  • Optimise production efficiency – Avoid product rejection, maintenance labours and machine downtime
  • Create a safe environment for your workers – Eliminate jolts produced by static
  • Guarantee getting the proper anti-static solution – Wide range of products for measuring and controlling static electricity.

Discover our static control solutions

Find out which products can help you optimise your productivity, reduce downtime and create a safe working environment with our specifically designed static control solutions.

María Eugenia González | Static control specialist

“One of our customers cuts foam blocks into smaller sheets to pile them up afterwards. This operation suffers static electricity problems due to the friction of the blade with the foam, causing production delays. By spraying with SMC’s IZS bar type ioniser, the sheets no longer get stuck and the cycle time is reduced by 40%.”

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Explore our recently launched solutions for static control and see the gain

Find in SMC the best solutions "and see the gain"

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Keep production moving - Macroscopic static

Processes involving the transport and handling of plastics and polymers are very prone to suffering static problems. Good static control can avoid production stoppages and help to improve the cycle time, as, for example, in a line where bottles clog the conveyor due to the static charges, rendering the process unstable.

Quality every time - Microscopic static

Electronic parts and semiconductors need good control of static electricity to prevent ESD (Electrostatic discharge). Uncontrolled ESD can have a damaging effect on sensitive devices, resulting in lost production and poor-quality products with shortened lifetime. The right choice of ionization is crucial e.g., for wafer processing: By installing ionizers with excellent balance and silicon emitters, dangerous charges can be eliminated, thus leading to a high-performance process and reduction of waste.

Static electricity control

Static electricity measuring and detecting

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