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Does this sound familiar?

  • High rejection rates or low-quality final product?
  • Machine operators suffering shocks?
  • Dust sticking to your workpieces?
  • Labels getting misaligned?
  • Quality problems in your painting process?

Static electricity is the unseen source of highly visible nasty production problems. Luckily, static can be solved in a quick, easy and efficient way: with the proper ionizer.

With SMC’s Ionizers you will:

  • Forget about product rejections, futile maintenance hours and machine downtime caused by static electricity- Plug it in and see the benefits right away.
  • Optimize the quality of your process – The installation of the appropriate solution will increase production speed and improve output quality in a simple way.
  • Create a safe environment for your workers - Eliminate jolts produced by static.
  • Guarantee getting the proper anti-static solution - A wide range for measuring, removing and controlling static electricity is at your disposal.

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