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SMC’s digital gap checker is Industry 4.0 ready with IO-Link communication

SMC’s digital gap checker is Industry 4.0 ready with IO-Link communication

SMC’s latest digital gap checker, ISA3-L, features IO-Link compatability, offering manufacturers greater control of applications and more information at a glance with its 3-screen data display.

The latest version of SMC’s ISA3 digital gap checker series offers IO-Link communication and 3-screen display, meeting the digital demands presented by Industry 4.0.   

The ISA3-L features all the benefits of the existing range in terms of energy efficiency, easy maintenance and almost silent operation. It also offers greater control of applications due to the measurement and clear display of inlet and outlet pressure values, supplied as process data.  

The IO-Link integration also supports preventative maintenance and reduces hardware and programming costs, with the risk of human tampering and unintentional changes to the set values removed.
Its 3-screen display, which facilitates visualisation, can be set in three simple steps.  The sub screen can display up to 12 different options, with level meter digits increased to nine, so the status of workpieces can be checked in greater detail.     

Other features that result in application and mounting flexibility include a changeable cut-off range and a supply port on both sides, with up to six stations in the manifold.  

In addition, the levels of stock required are reduced as a NPN/PNP switch function are available in the same gap checker.  For service longevity, even when operating in hazardous atmospheres, the ISA3-L has an IP67 rating.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “At SMC we make it our mission to support our customers with their total automation needs, and are constantly reviewing our products to make sure they meet their challenges in this age of digital transformation.  

“The ISA3-L is a great example of how we have taken a good product and made it excellent, so that our customers can optimise their operating performance and access the data they need for accurate and continuous production.”

Suitable for general automation and car production, the ISA3-L is ideal for various applications including machining pieces, control positioning installation components, quality control or inspection parts for machines and air leakage control.  

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Sep 20, 2019