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SMC reveals its smallest compact speed controller to date

SMC reveals its smallest compact speed controller to date

SMC has responded to market demand for smaller components with the JAS compact speed controller. Its launch means SMC now offers a complete range of ‘compact’ solutions that also includes cylinders and small integrated auto switches.

SMC’s new JAS compact speed controller is believed to be the smallest in the marketplace, supporting the growth of industrial robotics where space is at a premium and where cylinder speed control is required for precise movement and repeatability.

At just 12.7mm in height, almost half that of an average speed controller, the JAS Series features a push-lock type knob that allows the air flow to be adjusted either manually or where space is at a premium, such as narrow spaces, with a flat blade screwdriver.  Furthermore, installation time is reduced, saving on labour and costs, while mounting options are increased using a hexagon wrench.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The JAS is a direct response to a gap in the marketplace for a speed controller that can match existing compact cylinders and the changing manufacturing landscape, where machinery and plant space is getting smaller.  Initial feedback has been really positive as we look to lead the way in compact solutions.”

The JAS has a minimum operating pressure of 0.05 MPa, so can be used with a full range of SMC air cylinders, removing the need for multiple suppliers.  The process of identifying which product type to opt for has also been simplified with different knob colours for meter-out and meter-in and similarly for the release button for metric and inch measurements.

For more information about the JAS, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Sep 20, 2019