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SMC launches new energy saving Impact Blow Gun

SMC launches new energy saving Impact Blow Gun

The new Impact Blow Gun (IBG) from SMC is the most energy efficient on the market, using up to 87% less air than any other standard blowing gun.

SMC is set to ‘clean up’ the blow gun market thanks to the launch of its IBG, which blows with a much shorter and stronger air pulse than existing commercial blow guns.

Production in process industries with particle generation or refrigerated processes, and where noise is not an issue, such as forestry, machining and heavy industry, is optimised thanks to IBG’s performance, which is as much as 97% quicker to use than the competition.

Significant energy savings are also achieved due to the small amount of air required to create a fast and stable, high pressure air blow, that will effectively clean away metal chips, dirt and water droplets. Also thanks to its built-in air tank, the IBG achieves a peak pressure that is three times greater than SMC’s previous VMG.  
A spokesperson from SMC said: “We are always seeking ways to help our customers achieve greater productivity and energy efficiencies and the IBG is a fine example of our design innovation. The dirt particles generated by many industrial processes affect machinery performance and impacts productivity as stoppages are needed to clean affected components. For our customers this is a huge, time consuming and costly process. Our IBG resolves these problems by significantly reducing cleaning operation time and speeding up production.”

The IBG offers flexibility as its peak pressure can be regulated with five different levels available, to meet the needs of various processes within a plant.

For more information about the IBG, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Nov 13, 2020