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SMC introduces new IN-777 air servo cylinder

SMC introduces new IN-777 air servo cylinder

For installations that require precise and efficient control in challenging operating conditions, SMC launches its new IN-777 air servo cylinder for multipoint positioning and control

With its integrated servo valve and controller, this latest air servo cylinder from SMC provides greater installation and process control.

The new IN-777 delivers fast response rates and high levels of position repeatability of +0.5mm, together with 10-level speed settings. For improved wireless networking and connections, it is also HART protocol compatible.

Ideal for use in harsh conditions, the new air servo cylinder offers environmental resistance IP67 and can be used in ambient temperatures from -20ºC - 60ºC.

A spokesperson for SMC said: “We are constantly looking at ways to improve solutions to deliver improved performance and reliability. This new air servo cylinder does just that; offering fast response rates and high position repeatability, especially in difficult operating conditions. It is also more compact and robust than previous solutions and delivers improved maintenance.”

Its modular structure, where elements including the valve unit, controller assembly and position sensor unit can be easily replaced, is ideal for easier maintenance. It also features a built-in self-diagnosis function, with LED lamp and signal output.

The new air servo cylinder from SMC is ideal for use in industrial process industries including chemical and mining, where it is particularly suited for the gate opening and closing of flotation tanks.

For more information about the IN-777, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Jun 12, 2020