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SMC launches compact type parallel style air gripper

SMC launches compact type parallel style air gripper

SMC is meeting the challenge of speed and precision presented by the increasing use of robotic arms on production lines with its new JMHZ2 compact type parallel style air gripper.

The new JMHZ2 has been designed by SMC to be both small and lightweight while maximising its gripping point and productivity.
Although up to 21 percent shorter in length and up to 43 percent lighter than its MHZ2 counterpart, the JMHZ2 has the same bore size, so the maximum gripping point is increased, avoiding interference between the gripper body and the machine.  Also, by enabling the robot arm to move faster with reduced inertia loads, cycle times are enhanced and output optimised.

Furthermore, high rigidity and precision repeatability of ±0.01 mm have been achieved by integrating a linear guide and finger within one piece.  

A spokesperson from SMC said: “Today’s machinery continues to get smaller and lighter, with components subsequently packed into the available space. We have taken this into consideration when designing the JMHZ2 air gripper.  With the additional feature of a linear guide, which is unusual to find in this type of gripper, we are confident the JMHZ2 will be a popular addition to our J Series.”

For additional flexibility, the JMHZ2 has three mounting options from two directions and is available in four bore sizes Ø8, Ø12, Ø16 and Ø20. This makes it an ideal solution for handling small work pieces where there is a long distance from material handling to the gripping point, robot hand end tooling, transferring lightweight workpieces and pick & place applications in narrow spaces.

For more information about the new JMHZ2, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Feb 14, 2020